The EU HNS project and new challenges

In the picture from the left to the right: our CEO Harald Maierl-Fellner with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Republic of Moldova, Ana Revenco at the EU HNS TTX in Moldova.

The last weeks were mainly driven by labour-intensive work on the final report, lessons learned and participating in some webinars regarding media work and particularly visibility on the Union Civil Protection Mechanism Knowledge Network platform.

The final report of the EU HNS is going to be finished soon, we began shortly after the Lessons Learned meeting with the preparations. We have been quite tied up with the analysis for the EU HNS project and recommendations for future projects and exercises. Our task was also to overtake the internal coordination to soon finalise the project.

On the 20th of April, our media manager, Barbara Debre attended the webinar on the KN platform for external project and exercise coordinators to gain more experience in publishing on the UCP Knowledge Network platform.

The good news is, we were not just able to learn more, but our project EU HNS came up twice as a good example. Since we are responsible for the media coverage of the project, this was some pleasant news. The webinar consisted of two parts, first what contents should be shared on the Knowledge Network platform and afterwards, there was a short technical introduction to how to create events, stories etc.

At the same time, we also worked on some new upcoming opportunities. It was not easy to prepare everything at the same time, but so far we are happy with the outcomes and hope for the future to participate soon again in such fruitful cooperation.