PCM also offers media services focused on developing and producing special editions, books, brochures and manuals for rescue, ambulance service, civil protection, disaster relief, and crisis management.


PCM offers in-depth thematic expertise in identifying and visualising complex processes according to projects, training and mission handbooks and field guides, for mission support and NGO management. From pocket cards to technical manuals, some pieces until hundreds of copies, printed and digital: we are the flexible contact for special interest publications.

Commercial Services

PCM supports the provider of projects and projects consortia with commercial services like:

Visibility and dissemination

The range of visibility support goes from an internet presence through websites, download possibilities and blogs, social media, press releases, and branded clothing, to visibility items for the promotion of projects identifying and visualising including the mobilisation of VIPs to visits to draw extra media attention.

The media team edits the initial setup of the project websites and is responsible for the maintenance of blogs and social media accounts, and their frequent updates in close cooperation with the respective project management.