Lot 2 IDMEX - Plug-in Exercises

PCC was a member of the IDMEX consortium, conducting two tenders for 2018 Lot 2 (Plug-in Exercises) and Lot 3 (Host Nation Support table-top exercises – HNS TTX) for DG ECHO. Both projects were new developments, so Lot 2 was a PIX (plug-in exercise) for EU modules and EUCPT in the Caribbean in September 2019 and Lot 3 was the creation and conducting of three TTX (tabletop exercises) for HNS (Host Nation Support) after disasters.

The PIX was designed, planned, conducted and evaluated in close cooperation with the European Commission and the hosting organisations. The PIX provided real-life circumstances to test and learn for international activations of the mechanism, including the interactions of modules, TAST, EUCPT, and UNDAC with a specific focus on the broader emergency response community.
The severe destruction caused by Hurricane Eurian on the islands of Bonaire and Curação overwhelmed local capacities of emergency response, making a request for international assistance necessary. The Reception and Departure Centre (RDC) at Curação International Airport registered the incoming international response teams.
These PIX took place in close cooperation with the hosting organisation, relevant national authorities and local emergency management, NGOs, UN bodies e.g. UNDAC or the wider humanitarian actors, Red Cross/Crescent, dependent on the scenario given in the full-scale fields exercise.
Every PIX lasted three full days (excluding travel times). Together, the staff and the project management team ensured a complete exercise activity by following a holistic approach to the project implementation.
The two PIX were conducted in the Caribbean with the Royal Dutch Navy (as the main contributor), and the test of a real hand-over/take-over between EU Civil Protection teams (EUCPT) was realised.