The consortium offers to design, plan, conduct and evaluate two field exercises for EUCPT and TAST. Two field exercises for UCPM field management teams, designed and conducted in an innovative, contemporary, new setup. Professional EXCON management and challenging counterparts from the host country are characterising this “participant-driven” hands-on exercise. These exercises rely on strong national partners, running four and a half days. It will bring a realistic mission experience of an advisory/scoping mission with high training value and interoperability for all participants and stakeholders.

The consortium offers two advisory/scoping mission exercises based on scenarios inspired by authentic disasters: the volcanic eruption in La Palma, Spain in 2021 and the wildfires in southwest Ireland the same year. The first exercise will take place in spring 2025, in Wicklow County and the second exercise will happen in autumn 2025, in Tenerife.

PubliComm is supporting the project consortium in administration and project management, services and purchases, continuous media coverage, dissemination and visibility for the project, and support the visibility of the UCPM.