PCC was a member of the IDMEX consortium, conducting two tenders for 2018 Lot 2 (Plug-in Exercises) and Lot 3 (Host Nation Support table-top exercises – HNS TTX) for DG ECHO. Both projects were new developments, so Lot 2 was a PIX (plug-in exercise) for EU modules and EUCPT in the Caribbean in September 2019 and Lot 3 was the creation and conducting of three TTX (tabletop exercises) for HNS (Host Nation Support) after disasters.

The objective was to design, plan, conduct and self-evaluate host national support tabletop exercises for key actors of the UCPM response, including the ERCC and its main interlocutors at European, national and international levels.
The ultimate scope was to increase the exchange of procedures and best practices regarding hosting and coordination of the incoming international assistance in a non-EU affected country and in a participating state, increase knowledge of the EU Host Nation Support Guidelines and identify possible areas for improvement in the institutional and operational emergency response framework.
The main exercise scenario was severe flooding in Austria and was designed so that the following actions were covered:

  • HNS legal framework in the host country
  • Consular assistance in disaster response
  • Scenario in a complex environment

The HNS TTX took place in Eisenerz, Austria (inside EU), Mirdite, Albania (outside EU) and Accra, Ghana (outside Europe) and were risk-based exercise scenarios (flooding, earthquake, epidemic outbreak) in each region and were designed in a scale-up approach.