PCC maintains a specialist team of experts, working within the UCPM as well as in the Red Cross/Red Crescent, the NGO world, the UN system, and the Humanitarian Aid sector. Some of the experts work in professional business contingency, others are UN CMCoord trained. 

Our expert have longstanding experience in project design and management, training intervention teams, setting up and conducting training and all types of exercise, from small table-top to multinational field exercises with some hundred participants in a multicultural or complex environment.



The experts come from a wide range of fields like civil protection, emergency management, humanitarian aid, relief coordination, training, and recovery projects, e.g., analysts, lecturers, trainers, emergency doctors and nurses, project managers, instructors, and media experts with UCPT, UN and additional with an extensive mission experience on a management level with NGO’s and other not-for-profit organisations.


We put great emphasis on contemporary managing and training methods which are implemented in all services we offer.

These vary from classical face-to-face training, hands-on training and exercises to e-learning, and a combination of both, blended learning. 

New services or processes must be successfully implemented; introductory or practical training is a very important support service. 

This can be done by an short briefing or instruction on-site or by e-learning and online courses, or a very realistic training course, that needs driving and external or on the premises.

Project Management



PCC supports Civil Protection professionals by contributing to project development and background structure, supporting project management activities, media coverage and support logistics. 

PCC offers advice, assisting and contributing to research, workshops, training, and exercises. 

PubliComm itself participated in and was a consortium partner in several EU-funded projects during the past years. Most recently it is part of and supports projects in Civil Protection and submitted proposals to DG ECHO.


PCC was a member of the IDMEX consortium, conducting two tenders 2018 tender Lot 2 (Plug in Exercises) and Lot 3 (HNS TTX) for DG ECHO.

PCC’s Head of International Projects, Josef Riener was the project manager of the FSX (full-scale exercise) of the Austrian Red Cross project IRONORE2019.

In 2020 and 2021 PCC was a partner in the EUCP Knowledge Network project INDIMA, developing a network concept to better integrate all relevant stakeholders in emergency and disaster management.

2022 and 2023 PCC has been a member of the consortium and a subcontractor of the project EU HNS TTX.