Project Review and Planning Meeting

With EU HNS another project comes to a close, therefore, it is imperative for publiComm as a consortium partner to reflect on our achievements, identify areas of improvement, and chart a course towards future success. This review meeting provided a unique opportunity for the management to analyse the project’s performance, assess trends, and develop a strategic plan aligning with future projects’ long-term goals.

The first step in conducting the project review was assessing the past years’ performance. This involves analysing financial data, evaluating key performance indicators, and reviewing operational and administrative processes. By examining these factors, we gained valuable insights into our strengths and weaknesses and could identify bottlenecks and opportunities for the further design and strategic development of the project department.

During the project review, resource allocation was a crucial consideration. We evaluated the project budgets, human resources, and technology requirements. Regular reviews and performance assessments helped to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make necessary adjustments. The review found that the media services performed excellently, even if there were challenges to be solved. The services needed for a smooth project workflow have significantly increased within the last tender. Participant management, travel arrangements, bookings, purchases and media support are key-support activities, which cannot be outsourced.

Finally, Harald Maierl-Fellner presented the updated version of the publiComm logo, which will be in use from July 2023 on.

The project meeting was professionally moderated by Wolfgang Zimmermann, and the core team was involved in the planning and design of the internal organisation of the next projects. Thanks to our great staff we managed to have new insights and ideas for the upcoming projects and developments: Alexander Stolar, Josef H. Riener, Barbara Debre, Eva Kröpfl, Harald Maierl-Fellner, Michael Kollroser, Daniel Bointner and Wolfgang Zimmermann. It was a pleasure to meet all the people behind several phone calls and virtual meetings again in person.

Finally, two main decisions were made, leading to a new internal structure of the consultancy and the media department. One of the improvements will be to implement a section for services and subcontracting partners, the other will be implementing the function of a permanent but independent quality manager in the project steering group and a project assistant for the ongoing projects. Harald Maierl-Fellner, MBA, will steer the whole group as CEO and CFO. Josef Riener, MSc focuses on the design and development of the projects and will be supported by Barbara Debre, MA, MA who will act as the main project assistant and coordinate the partners and freelance experts. With these upgrades, we are sure that publiComm will be fit for the next challenges and the expected workload of the next time.