Interview with our CEO, Harald Maierl-Fellner

Q.: publiComm is involved in a new project. Can you tell us some details about publiComm’s role?

Harald: publiComm is a subcontractor in cycle 12 from EU MODEX EUCPT-TAST, Lot4 project.

Our company is involved and responsible for project administration, services and purchases, meeting management, continuous media coverage, dissemination and visibility for the project, and support for the visibility of the UCPM. The consortium members are the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) as coordinator (Romania), the Italian Civil Protection Department (ICPD), Wicklow County Council (WCC) and Cabildo Insular de Tenerife (Spain) (CIT) with the subcontractors Austrian Red Cross (ARC) and publiComm GmbH (PCC).

The project aims to conduct two field exercises for the EUCPT and TAST.

Q.: Can you give us some more information about the two exercises?

“The consortium offers two advisory/scoping mission exercises based on scenarios inspired by authentic disasters: the volcanic eruption in La Palma, Spain in 2021 and the wildfires in southwest Ireland the same year. The first exercise will take place in spring 2025, in Wicklow County and the second exercise will happen in autumn 2025, in Tenerife. It will bring a realistic mission experience of an advisory/scoping mission with high training value and interoperability for all participants and stakeholders. It will run for four and a half days. The approach of an advisory mission will, in contrast to a response mission exercise, allow all European Civil Protection (EUCPT) members and the Technical Assistance Support Teams (TAST) at multiple levels to work with different stakeholders in a realistic, functional and safe environment.”

Q.: What are the plans for the future of publiComm?

“We are not just involved in the UCPM projects, we also work additionally in printing and publishing books around disaster management, humanitarian aid and civil protection”, explains Harald. After our latest reference book „Krisen und Katastrophen managen“(Managing crisis and disasters), written in German for German-speaking readers, which was printed in our publishing house and edited by Josef H. Riener, two new pocket guides are in work in collaboration with our partner from ‚Die Krisenplaner‘.

We have also been involved in several projects in the last years at the EUCPM. I am confident that we will also have new collaborations in the future. I don’t want to reveal too much, but we will also be present in future projects.

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