INDIMA: new survey started

Several disasters this year have given the EU community mechanism new impulses and experiences: earthquakes, medical operations, floods and forest fires, the INDIMA consortium is applying the knowledge in the ongoing project.
We are looking for new insights from current disasters such as the floods in Northern Europe and the lessons from the forest fire fighting operations in Southeast Europe in order to update our network concept.

The earthquake in Croatia, medical missions in several European countries, floods in the German Eifel (Rhineland-Palatinate) led to massive intervention by voluntary and professional forces, including military support, on an unprecedented scale.

In south-east Europe massive forest fires set the EU community mechanism to new records, requests for help from Turkey, Italy, Albania, North Macedonia and Greece brought EU-coordinated aid from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, France, Poland, Romania, Slovenia , Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. Russia, not a member of the EU community mechanism, was also involved.

We will implement the knowledge gained from these major emergencies in the INDIMA network concept.