EU HNS Civil Protection Exercise in Amman successfully conducted

The EU HNS Tabletop Exercise from 20-25 November in Amman, Jordan, was successfully conducted: Let’s take a look behind the curtains of the TTX from the participant’s point of view. EXORG, the organizational part of the TTX, EXLOG, the exercise logistics, the event management, and the public relations were tasks that were mainly handled by publiComm staff, publiComm are partners in the EU HNS consortium.
The publiComm team consisting of Josef H. Riener, MSc, Harald Mailer-Fellner, Michael Kollroser, Mag. Eva Kröpfl, Daniel Bointner Photography (, Dr. Brigitta Sáfár, Dr. Timar Tamás, and our back office in Austria, Magdi Schlichtinger, Jimmy Zimmermann, Andre, and Barbara Debre did an excellent job.
This included booking flights, booking accommodation, maintaining the list of participants, updating certificates, media coverage and part of the project documentation, VIP and observer management, and ending with contact with the hotel management.
Our partner DIE KRISENPLANER ( developed the software for the e-learning platform and supported us during the TTX.
Special thanks go to the Department for Emergency Measures at the Romanian Ministry of the Interior, Dr. Raed Arafat, and Dr. Bogdan Pop for their excellent cooperation and friendship over many years!